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Luart is the first NFT platform that brings a seamless, all-in-one experience to the Terra ecosystem. Creators and LUNAtics alike benefit not only from participating in the ever expanding universe of Terra NFTS but also as a user of Luart's unique marketplace.


Scale Internationally

Functions like Nowhere Else

Our innovative platform allows you to interact with NFTs in a
whole new way, it's like a playground for NFTs.
NFT Marketplace

The Luart Marketplace is the best place to buy, sell, and trade your favorite NFTs. A seamless trading experience for all users.

NFT Launchpad

The Luart Launchpad brings the best NFT projects in the Terra Ecosystem to Explorers. Earn LUA power and take your chance at minting sought after NFTs.


The Luart DAO is the community's opportunity to participate in the growth of the Luart Platform. Through the $LUART token, Explorers will be able to vote on team and community proposals.


Say Goodbye To A Boring NFT Marketplace

Be a player, not just a buyer. Luart allows you to win just for being a user of the platform.
A beautiful user experience optimized for low gas fees and speed provided by the Terra Network.
As the platform expands, we plan to bring more exciting features and partnerships with other ecosystems to even further enhance the user experience.


Say Goodbye To A Boring NFT Marketplace

Zero Platform Fees

Stakers of $LUART can be rewarded with zero platform fees. This discount is applied to all your sales on Luart based on the staking tier.

DAO Voting

Stake your $LUART and gain voting rights. You can help decide the future direction of the platform.

Increasing LUA Power

By staking, you can increase your LUA power. The more you stake the more LUA Power you can earn.

SAS and LP rewards

Provide an LP and gain a portion of the transaction fees incurred on Luart. Your return is proportional to the amount you provided.

The Roadmap

Follow us on our Adventure Creating the Best All-In-One NFT Platform.

Phase 0: Earth
Marketplace v0

A launched marketplace with features like royalty receivers configuration, fee configuration, listing tokens, and being able to post sell orders, buying, canceling.


Generated >$2M volume on launchpad and >$3.5M volume on the marketplace from the beginning.


Implemented a Launchpad with NFT randomization, fee configuration, whitelist configuration, and time range configuration.

Project Launches

Launched HellCats, LUNI, dystopAI, COL, LunaShield, SilentSolohs, ArtsyApes, and TerraBay Ronin with a sellout rate of 87.5%!

Phase 1: Venus

Users will be able to bid for NFTs and experience another way to sell and purchase.


Users will be able to buy the $LUART token on Astroport and other exchanges.


Continue curating Launchpad projects to provide buyers with great projects that have been vetted.

Marketplace v1

On a rolling basis, new toolings will come to the marketplace. UI/UX improvements, deeper filtering, and more sorting options.

Phase 2: Mercury
Staking app

Users will be able to stake and unstake $LUART.

LUA Power UI

Add the LUA Power Leaderboard to enhance the gamification aspects of the platform.

Liquidity Mining Opportunities

Users will be able to provide/withdraw liquidity on Astroport to earn rewards.

Marketplace Enhancements

Add the ability to sell any CW-721 token (even if it's minted on another platform).

Phase 3: Saturn
Staking App Additions

Add new features to the Staking App including a Vesting Dashboard and Airdrop Claiming Interface.

Public DAO

Make decisions and improve the project development with the Team thanks to the governance!

NFT Boxes

Build a web app for NFT Boxes and allow for Box transfers.

Lossless Lotteries

Users will have the chance to win NFTs by depositing $LUNA / $UST.

Minting Randomizer

Create a service that allows for the random minting of up to 16 surprise NFTs.

Phase 4: Neptune

Add NFTs from other chains onto the Marketplace.

Level-Up NFT Boxes

Create an interface for box purchasing and airdrop boxes to randomly selected user addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good place to start. Learn more about what we offer.

On Luart.io, you’ll be able to earn rewards through participating on the platform trading NFTs, staking $LUART tokens, buying Luart Boxes, and competing with other users for positions on our leaderboard.

$LUART serves as a way for users to earn incentives throughout the Luart platform. As a holder, not only will users earn tokens but also increase their LUA Power score which further increases the odds of rewards.

LUA Power is earned through interactions on our platform, such as buying and minting NFTs, as well as LP and single-asset staking our native $LUART Token. Earning LUA Power will enter you into drawings for project whitelist spots, in the future, you will be able to have exclusive-access to in-platform events. Luart Boxes will also require LUA Power to purchase. With more LUA Power, the more chances users have of winning rarer NFTs.

This is to be announced.

Yes, we will be allocating 500 spots, you will be able to enter in for a drawing for one of them on our SweepWidget.

Our IDO will take place on StarTerra. Other listing platforms are to be announced.

We currently have a multitude of partnerships in the pipeline. Several NFT projects have committed to launching on our launchpad and to trade in our secondary marketplace. We will announce strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the crypto space. We also are in talks with certain influencers who plan to bring collections to the platform.

Our team consists of former SaaS entrepreneurs, NFT project creators, builders, FinTech builders, and former TradFi analysts.

To be announced, our developers are working around the clock to get Luart rolling!

We have 15% allocated to the team, 15% to the treasury, 15% for community incentives, 15% for our private sale, 14% for the IDO/public sale, 10% allocated for marketing/partnerships, 6% development fund, 3% for advisors, 4% for liquidity, and 3% for airdrops.